Day Ticket Lake - Fishing at it's best!

Lake History


Formerly a working gravel pit it was first stocked with bream, roach, tench, pike and a few English strain carp by Dereham Angling Club in the 1970's. 

The lake started off being half the size it is today, 

In 1990 Norfolk Koi Import Ltd owned by Joseph Van Haam took on the lease of the fishery and Catch 22 was born.       



  • 23 acres.
  • 32 bankside swims.
  • Pegs 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 15, 20, 23, 28 and 31 are 'doubles' which have room for 2 anglers.
  • Peg 1A at the north western end of the lake is available for bookings. See 'bookable swims' link for more info.
  • Island Swim and Peg 32 (Nature Reserve) which are reachable by boat. Please click on 'Bookable swims' at top for more info.
  • Bottom of lake is a mixture of gravel and silt. 
  • Depths range from 6ft - 24ft. 
  • Bars, plateaus, springs, little islands, margins.   

Fish Stock


Stunning carp known for their strong fighting ability imported from The Netherlands by MAFF licence in 1992 and 1994. A couple of thousand were brought over to the UK. 

65% of these were commons and the rest made of mirrors, leathers and linears. The carp are a Germanic and Royal Italian strain, based on classic river carp hence their length and capacity for growth. 

The lake holds five known forties, seventy thirties and a good head of twenties and mid to upper doubles.

The Day Ticket Lake is also home to specimen pike to 40lb, bream to 20lb, tench to 14lb, roach to 4lb and perch to 5lb. 

We also have some of the old English strain carp which originated from the 1970's still in the lake.  

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We have a range of tickets to suit any budget.

Whether you enjoy carping or general coarse fishing we have a ticket for you.

We also run season ticket membership on the Day Ticket Lake. 

Included in the membership is 10% discount on purchases from our tackle shop*

* Excludes clearance items and shower tokens.   


Current Carp Lake Record

The mirror known as 'twin bellies' currently holds the Carp Lake Record at 45lb 9oz.

Caught by Lee Nobbs in November 2013


Bag yourself a net of Silver Fish

Whether you're looking to target a specimen sized roach or want to enjoy a day's fishing of catching smaller ones, then the Day Ticket Lake gives you the chance to do this. 



Pike Fishing

With the number of silver fish in the Day Ticket Lake the Pike have plenty to feed on, hence the reason for having big fat pike in the water. Specimen sized ones to 40lb have been seen in the margins. Average size caught is 14lb. Numbers of approx. 200.

If you're into predator fishing come and give us a look. We allow piking from 1st November - 1st April. For rules and prices please click on above links.     


Lovely Tench and Bream too!

The tench are a favourite amongst many, it's one of ours too!

These lovely golden/green beauties go up to a monster size of 14lb! 

Love or hate them, the bream also go to a specimen size, a massive 20lb!

If you're a specialised tench or bream angler come and give us a look, you stand a good chance of beating your PB or having a good day's sport.